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why barablu


Anyone can talk for free

Whether you are at your computer, on your mobile
phone, at home being a couch potato or traveling the
world, with barablu you can always stay in touch for



This means FREE national and international calls from
your mobile* to other barablu users, no matter where
you are in the world.


Tell your friends

If your friends are not on barablu yet, you can import
them into your account and talk to them while they are on their Skype®, MSN® Messenger, Google Talk™,Yahoo!™
AIM® Instant Messenger or ICQ® accounts.  
Or if they are not into cutting edge stuff yet, you can call them at REALLY CHEAP rates on a mobile or normal phone.


Free mobile video calls

With barablu you can video conference your friends from your PC to their mobile phones.
*to use barablu on your mobile you will need an Internet data plan