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To use barablu, you need to download free
software, before you can make free calls over the
internet to other barablu users.

barablu on your mobile

To make free* calls from your mobile, you have to
install the barablu software first. Downloading
barablu on your mobile is easy. Simply enter your
details on our site and we SMS you the download.
Open the SMS and install.



It's as simple as that......

Not only can you talk to other barablu members for free over GPRS, 3G/HSDPA, or Wi-Fi, you can also talk free to your
existing Skype®, MSN® Messenger, Google Talk™, Yahoo!™, AIM® Instant Messenger and ICQ® contacts.

How barablu works

Calls made using barablu are dialled in the normal way even though calls are carried over the Internet and bypass the
mobile operator's network. This way you can talk as long as you like for FREE*.

Barablu on your PC

On your PC barablu enables you to do all the usual VoIP things like instant chat, SMS, free barablu to barablu
calls and cheap PC to landline and mobile calls.


*to use barablu on your mobile you will need an Internet data plan